BLURT #1 11/21/20

Rainbows and sunsets

                     admire each other

                                                from afar!

                Quite dark and not

           quite dark are the same dark!

                                Right now is now,

but just now

     was a while ago!

                My hair is thinning!

                It’s about time!

                I can follow rules but not

                     hard and fast ones!

Don’t burn your bridges—

           use explosives!

     What I lack in character

                                and manners

           I make up for in characteristics

     and mannerisms!

                Poems don’t need to rhyme,

                                or be written!

                The two most important days are today and

                           the other day!

     Irrational demands are validated

                                by blind acquiescence!

If you mispronounce and misspell the   same word

                     is it even a word!?!

     When I officially quit juggling, I still juggled

           behind my back!

                                Where here ends and there begins

     is neither here nor there!

                My writing is ignored, or all but ignored, but someday it will be forgotten,             or all but forgotten!

                                Madness plus eloquence equals genius!

           The easiest planet to see with the naked eye is


                     Sorry, but all my energy

     is pent-up at the moment!

           Soon is agonizing, but any minute now is


                Either this is all a dream, or

     I need to get some sleep!

                     Act as though you were a slightly better version of yourself!

           Watching paint dry is boring, but           paper towel drying a countertop

                     is absorbing!

                     I refuse to dignify your                     remark

                by restating it in a more dignified      manner!

     On second thought I think I’ll rethink

                                           my afterthought!

                     Making nice things

                     makes things nice!

     God loves us, but not as much as we’re led to believe!

     I weighed my options

     and exercised my options

     and weighed them again

and they weighed less!

                           Some people won’t listen to reason,

     but try telling them that!

                Most of my ideas go right down the toilet, but some

                                     need a plunger!

                     A person golfing alone is a one-it!

                Don’t let doing something not worth the bother

           bother you!

Examples of the infinity tense include:

     and so on, etcetera, and blah blah blah!

                     To get more sleep, fall asleep sooner and wake up later!

     Going for a walk is like walking around

                           but better organized!

                I like when people talk about me when I’m not there!

     It means I’m not there!

                     My nervous system

                     is sensational!


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